IBM LTO Universal Cleaning Tape ( 35L2086)

IBM LTO Universal Cleaning Tape ( 35L2086)

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IBM LTO Ultrium Universal Cleaning Cartridge - 35L2086

Cleaning cartridges are compatible with all LTO drives and libraries and capable of up to 50 uses. 

Notes on cleaning LTO drives

Cleaning should only be performed when the cleaning light on the drive or library is lit. The frequency of cleaning will vary based on the environment and air quality. More debris in the air will lead to more frequent cleaning requirements. Excessive debris can damage the tape drive and void the warranty. Take note of the air quality to protect your investment and reduce expense on cleaning cartridges.

Features and Benefits

  • LTO Universal Cleaning Cartridge works in all LTO Drives
  • Rated for 50 uses.
  • IBM Warranty against manufacturing defects