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PreRoll Post is an application that automates indexing your camera originals, complete with thumbs, proxies and metadata while backing up full resolution media to local disk and long-term LTO tapes, Optical Disc or local disk or server.

The software takes advantage of the Linear File Transfer System (LTFS) developed by IBM and supported by HP, MagStor, Quantum, Tandberg and other tape drive manufacturers. LTFS mounts a tape as a volume (hard disk) within OSX. This makes it possible to write and read from the tape as if it were a disk without proprietary software or formatting. It also makes PreRoll Post hardware independent you can use it with any LTFS compliant tape drive or Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA).


The PreRoll Post software controls copy operations from field hard disks (created using ShotPut Pro) onto LTO-6 tape(s) or ODA cartridges. You may choose to make an additional copy onto local hard disk at the same time. All copies are verified using MD5 checksum integrity algorithms.

Making LTO tapes for delivery to Discovery Channel is a snap. PreRollPost helps automatically fill in metadata and categories for you (since it's "video aware"). So whether you're making Field Footage, Program Master or a Graphics Master tape, count on PreRollPost to get it right the first time. There's even a Discovery Verification Tool built-in to check a tape conforms to the specs.

The backup process is not specific to HD files; it may be used with any files. For example, you can back up NLE project files or entire hard disks if desired.

However, if you are backing up camera originals, PreRollPost has an option to create thumbs and browse quality proxies (using ProxyMill application). The index is saved onto the local hard disk as well as optionally on the LTO tape.

Tapes may be presented to clients as a self-contained "Deliverable" with high-resolution originals, and an index of proxy clips in QuickTime format.

And PreRoll Post features a 'one-click' installer that includes everything you need to easily get LTFS up and running for single drive LTO-6 (or -5) HP, IBM, Quantum, mLogic and Tandberg models. HD-VU and ProxyMill demos included; full license activations for these sold separately. 

Tutorial Videos:

System Requirements

An Intel Macintosh with:
OSX 10.10, 10.9 or 10.8
4 GB of RAM
16 GB of free hard-disk space
Internet access required for automated product activation


Mac is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc.,
registered in the United States and other countries.
ShotPut Pro is a trademark of Imagine Products, Inc.
All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.


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